Food & Agriculture Department of Tava commercial group

What we do ?

Tava Trading source your needed products within our focused areas such as Tea, tomato, garlic, Olive, Pistachio, Honey, Orange  and jelly Orange, Flower, Rose water, Rice

Our locations

Food & Agriculture Department Tava Trading is a Food supplier  company in Turkey, UAE (Dubai) ,Oman and Iran are the countries that we are in and we can source from.

What is our advantage?

Food & Agriculture trading advantages are Simplifying sourcing, purchase and transportation process from our focused countries based on the customer needs.

Company highlights

Business Type Trading Company Country / Region Tehran, Iran
Main Products

 Tea, tomato, garlic, Olive, Pistachio, Honey, Orange  and jelly Orange, Flower, Rose water, Rice

Total Employees 11 – 50 People
Year Established 2009 Certifications CE, ISO, Commercial license
Product Certifications CE, Standard  Certification, Health certification Patents
Trademarks TAVA



Main Markets China: 30%

India: 20%

Europe: 35%

Middle east: 15%


Tava Trading

Trade is a subset of business that involves buying and selling and in which one purchases goods or services from another person and pays for them. Trade plays a crucial role in delivering food and agriculture to consumers worldwide. It helps to provide greater choice in consumer goods, and has played a role in reducing food and agriculture insecurity across the globe.

During the last decades, agricultural production and yields have been increasing along with global fertiliser and pesticide consumption. Over the past decade, international food and agricultural markets have witnessed a number of changes, which have brought domestic and international markets closer together.

Food & agriculture department of Tava trading isn’t just increasing, it’s becoming ‘global’. The food and agriculture that consumers find in their local stores are increasingly made from a wider range of products, produced in a wider range of locations across the globe. Increasing trade has also been


Food and Agriculture Trading of Tava commercial group

Tava Trading is specialized in agricultureal trading and distribution of food and agricultureal products in the world.

Food and Agricultureal Department of Tava Trading is a Supplier and distributor of different herbal products.

In Tava Trading we can find Food and Agricultureal Products for you with any size and any characteristic. Just send us a message about the coal you need and we will make the best offer for you.

For all questions you can send us a message. We will reply to you as soon as possible. All details in the tab “contact us”.

We have knowledgeable staff on hand with many years of experience that are available to assist our customers with practical solutions to their trading problems. We offer 24 hour service and take pride in having a very high level of customer service.

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